About Floribase

Floribase as an initiative arose from a need for a coordinated and comprehensive database of flower growers in New Zealand. Government agencies need to be able to contact and inform flower growers on important biosecurity issues. In addition there are many issues which will arise out of the Emissions Trading Scheme in years to come. Flower Growers as a group are affected by the scheme and its ramifications.

The Flower Industry by its nature is diverse and many of its participants are family businesses some of which are small in size. There is also a high level of turn over as some of these businesses are undertaken as a pre-retirement or lifestyle choice.

Floribase was created to allow the efficient real-time management of this ever-changing data ideally by the grower or by a coordinated system of annual record checking. An on-line database is ideal as it allows stakeholders to access relevant and appropriate information 24 hours a day, yet the privacy protection systems ensure potentially commercially sensitive information is available only to the growers themselves for their own data, and to others on a need-to-know basis

Another key benefit of Floribase is the valuable statistics it can provide. Data on the size and makeup of the market is vitally important at both an individual and an industry wide basis so the New Zealand Flower Industry can develop appropriate growth strategies, benefiting everyone involved and the New Zealand Economy in driving and strengthening Export successes

For those interested in this database or wishing to develop similar databases for other industries use our contacts form. Wed love to hear from you!